A matter of honour

German Amber Museum (Deutsche Bernsteinmuseum) and Baltic Sea Jewellery Workshop (Schaumanufaktur Ostseeschmuck)

In Ribnitz-Damgarten, you really must see the German Amber Museum and the workshop, that's a matter of honour. The museum displays some of Europe's most beautiful amber collections in a permanent exhibition on "Amber - Gold of the North". You'll see unique amber stones with insects or plants trapped inside. The amber works of art, collected over the course of many centuries, shine magnificently. The same material can be seen at Schaumanufaktur Ostseeschmuck. In the glass production hall, you can look over the shoulders of artists and watch them make beautiful jewellery, seeing the entire process. Whole families or groups can try their hand at making their own jewellery themselves in the "experimentation rooms".

These are the main appeals of Ribnitz-Damgarten Youth Hostel:

  • Bicycle-friendly Youth Hostel and lovely location close to the Baltic Sea
  • Amber, the "gold of the sea", can be admired in the Amber Museum and at the manufacturing site
  • Marlow bird park - perfect for a family outing
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